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Ascended gear is the highest amount of stats you can earn, but is it worth the trouble to obtain it compared to other similar armors? While leveling, optimal gear is completely optional but can be found from heart quests and the trading post. Once you get your character to max level, this is when gearing really becomes relevant. Ascended armor has the highest amount of stats you can gain and has infusion slots allowing you to build agony resistance.

Three GREAT Gold Farming maps in Guild Wars 2 - 2020 Update

This is completely optional for most content, as exotics can do the job, but the Fractals of the Mists dungeon will require ascended gear to progress through. Trinkets such as Amulets, Rings, and Accessories provide most of the stats so they can be prioritized for the largest effect.

If you are looking for a specific stat type, know that any stat type can be obtained by any piece of ascended armor or weapon using the Stat Swapping method. Most trinkets can not stat swap, but you can usually select any stat type on a trinket. So focus on getting the piece you need rather than on the stat. Once you get settled into Guild Wars 2, you will find that ascended gear comes easy because you naturally accrue currency from each game type as you play.

However, your first set of ascended will always be the hardest to attain. This entire guide will cover pretty much all the ways you can gain ascended gear, but they may not be as accessible to someone who does not already have certain content unlocked. This section will focus on showing newer players where to get their first set of ascended so they can settle into the game and provide them with a summary of the full guide so they can focus on playing the game.

There is a specific priority that players should progress through when transitioning from exotic to ascended gear. Weapons will give the largest boost especially for Power oriented builds, so getting those first will yield the most benefit. Weapons can be a little bit difficult to obtain, but trinkets which include Amulet, Accessory, Back Piece, and Rings are relatively easy and provide a majority of the stats of a build.

Getting trinkets early will give the most effect for the least effort. Armor is as difficult to obtain as Weapons but with not as much of a difference, so get this last.

These following methods are not going to be the most optimal for everyone on their first set of ascended, but in general they will have the least barrier to entry and spread out the acquisition methods that are time gated between game modes so you can get them as soon as possible. Also remember to use the search function for any of the bolded keywords to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a specific piece of gear or a specific type of currency.

Weapons and armor are generally the most expensive parts of an ascended set. You will need a good amount of gold and account bound materials saved up. For specific crafting guides on each profession I will recommend this website: GW2Crafts.This guide is intended to help level 80 characters gear up for high-end PvE content such as fractals and raids, or who simply want to make the most of their character in terms of PvE effectiveness.

Structured PvP, of course, has its own standardized stats, so none of this applies there. Many of the stat combinations require either the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansions to select them.

If you do not own Path of Fire, for instance, you will not have access to Harrier's stats, and if you do not own Heart of Thorns, you will not have access to Viper's stats, no matter what you do with the exception of legendary items being able to always select any stats.

If you are missing either one or both of those expansions, your options for viable builds will likely be limited to power damage builds that use Berserker's armor. So let's start with the basics. First and foremost, exotic armor is fine for literally all content except tier 4 fractals. Tier 3, it'll be slightly easier to get the Agony Resistance AR you need with a couple pieces of ascended armor, but still doable.

Raiding doesn't require AR, and the stat increase is minimal. So go ahead and forget about ascended armor until you're at least in tier 3 fractals, by which point you've hopefully had an armorbox or few drop for you. The thing you absolutely do want pretty much as soon as you hit 80 and know that you're going to take this character seriously are ascended trinkets amulet, backpiece, accessories a.

We'll come back to those in a minute. The other thing you should work toward is an ascended weapon for your primary weapon the 2-hand or main-hand weapon you do your most damage with; typically the melee weapon if you have a melee set and a ranged set.

Don't worry about the offhand right away, but you may need the mainhand of the 2nd set depending on your class's standard rotation. Weapon is a bit harder than trinkets, so don't feel bad about picking up an exotic while you start working toward the ascended, but at least one ascended weapon is generally standard for more serious raiding groups, because the base damage increase makes a huge difference. Now before you go grabbing exotics and ascendeds, you need to figure out what stats you're actually aiming for.

To keep this simple, in 9 cases out of 10, you're aiming for Berserker stats if you're direct damage, Viper stats if you're condition damage, Harrier stats if you're a healer, and Diviner stats if you're a boon support. Absolutely perfect optimization may involve mixing one or two pieces of Sinister with your Viper, Assassin's to cap out crit chance with power builds, or suchlike consult Snowcrow's for raidsdiscretize for fractals or MetaBattle for detailsbut for simplicity's sake I'm focusing on those four stats.

Also, before deciding, make sure the class you want to play has a viable meta build of the type you're aiming for, for the game mode you're intending. Every profession has at least one viable power DPS, condi DPS, and healer option except heal warrior is not a thing in PvE with a few other support and niche builds.

In general though, fractals and dungeons want power damage, and for raids it heavily depends on the boss and team composition.

Also, if you're thinking about starting with a condi, healer, or support just have a quick glance at the Viper, Harrier, and Diviner Armor section and take note of potential complications. One important note about ascended trinkets is that most of them exceptions will be noted have the property Unique. This property is irrelevant for backpacks and amulets, but for accessories and rings it means you cannot equip two of the same at the same time.

You cannot wear two Blood Ruby Bands, even if one is has Viper stats and the other is has Sinister stats, but you can wear one regular Blood Ruby Band and one that has been Attuned or Infusedas these count as different items.

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This is only a stopgap measure if you're planning to eventually do the highest level Fractalssince you'll eventually want both rings Attuned and Infused for the maximum number of infusion slots. If the only stat you want is Berserker, check the Berserker trinkets section as those may be easier for you to get.

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In Living World Season 3 and Living World Season 4there are multiple methods to obtain stat selectable trinkets, spread across multiple episodes. No matter which episode you select, all trinkets acquired in this way can select any stat combination available to your account. This is the best way to get expansion stats Viper's, Harrier's, Diviner's, etc.

All the stat selectable trinkets require Unbound or Volatile Magic in addition to the map specific currency. For some of the Season 4 maps, pre-stat selected trinkets with Plaguedoctor's or Diviner's stats are available. However, since they cost laurels and sometimes additional ectosthey are not advised over the other stat selectable options presented below.

Living World episodes are permanently unlocked for free by logging into any character during their release window i. Living story season 3 requires HoT and season 4 requires PoF to access them but not to unlock them. A Crack in the Ice S3E3 is currently considered the most desirable episode for ascended trinkets for two main reasons. First, it can cover a total of four trinkets including one attuned ring and one non-attuned. Second, Winterberry Bushes in Bitterfrost Frontier guarantee Winterberries per node and each node can be harvested once per character per day compared to nodes in the other maps that can be of their item, and have an account wide limit for harvesting.

With an average of about 50 harvested per character per day, you can quickly rack up the Winterberries needed and convert the extras into more Unbound Magic to cover that part of the cost as well.I would like a guiding hand to help point in me in the right direction to obtaining Viper exotic gear. Fairly new to the end game.

Even if someone can point me to a resource to use that explains in detail how to get pieces that would help a lot. The wiki maybe useful if you understand what you're looking at, but it can be quite daunting if you don't have prior knowledge to the item names etc. Viper ascended is easier then viper exo. Thx, Khisanth. As above, as long as you have the HoT expansion, any stat selection Exotic will have Vipers to choose. There is no reason to be using sinister as a "while you wait to get viper" thing.

Apologies for the ignorance, I imagine its the bladed gear thats the exotic gear from HoTs, that allows stat selection?

And Which WvW track gives the Exotic gear? Which WvW track gives the Exotic gear? The only thing you want bother going exotic is the armor For Trinkets just go straight to Ascended; they can be reused on other characters, and make up almost half your stats as is.

Weapons you also want ascended for similar reasons. September 20, in Players Helping Players. Hello, I would like a guiding hand to help point in me in the right direction to obtaining Viper exotic gear. Thanks in advance. September 20, edited September 23, September 20, edited September 20, September 20, You can get it from any stat selectable exotic now.I can't recommend this class highly enough. Professor Shmueli is an excellent teacher and has written a very clear and practical book.

The professor provided good feedback to questions and introduced a wide range of fascinating supplemental information to the course for individuals who want to go deeper.

viper gear gw2

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Looking forward to Biostats 2.

Ascended Gear – The complete guide

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viper gear gw2

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viper gear gw2

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viper gear gw2

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